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Providing Medical Services for Clients with Gastric Bands

Sacred Medicine Clinic - Gastric Band Adjustments


Dr Kelly is available to provide gastricband adjustments Tuesday - Friday and some Saturdays at Sacred Medicine Clinic, 1695 Jefferson St, Eugene, OR  1/28/17, 2/25/17, & 4/22/17.



     1695 Jefferson St., Eugene, OR 97401
Need a gastric band adjustment?

Getting a gastric band adjustment is one of the most important post-procedure office visits you will make. 
No matter where you are in your weight-loss journey with the band, from the first visit since your band placement to having reached your goal weight,
Dr. Kelly Fitzpatrick of Sacred Medicine Clinic in Eugene, OR, will be your ally and weight-loss practitioner.
Dr. Kelly, a naturopathic physician with over 15 years of experience adjusting gastric bands of all kinds, complements your weight loss efforts with support and education regarding nutritional and emotional concerns and treats other chronic medical conditions for clients in her general practice.   
Dr. Kelly works in conjunction with other practitioners to establish an integrated approach to your medical care.  You can also choose to work with Dr. Kelly as your primary care physician. (General medical care requires contracting for these services i.e. labs, x-rays , PE, etc. through  Sacred Medicine Clinic link).  
Optimize your weight loss success and schedule your next adjustment with Dr. Kelly (link contact us) at our Eugene, OR office, Sacred Medicine Clinic.        Call us at:  541-344-9658

"Dr. Fitzpatrick was great! I really really liked her. I will definitely be going back. She took plenty of time not only talking about band stuff but just getting to know you and see how else she can help. Very nice place.

I am happy to get such a good first fill because many say they don't even feel any restriction until the 2nd or 3rd.

Just wanted to let you know how it went and send a big two thumbs up for Dr. Kelly Fitzpatrick (in Portland)!"


"I had a fill done a few days ago by "Dr. Kelly" and she was wonderful. It was my first fill and I was pretty nervous. A big needle in my midsection? Oh. My. God. She had a good sense of humor and suggested I not look, so I didn't. It was kind of like getting an IV - you feel it going in, but that's it. Since she was a chemo nurse before she was a doc and our port was originally make for chemo treatments, she really knew what she was doing.

Dr. Kelly is a naturopathic physician (ND) and her office was a whole lot nicer than a typical MD's office. It had gurgling fountains and real nice art and quiet music. Very relaxing.

What impressed me most was her obvious facility with the port, and her ability to do things quickly and painlessly. I thoroughly recommend her."

BG, Seattle